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As a Game Designer, 3D Artist, and Lead Creative in the listed games below, I have been at the heart of conceptualizing and bringing to life games that blend stunning aesthetics with captivating gameplay. Each GDD here represents a comprehensive vision, from early concept art to detailed gameplay mechanics. 

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It Blinds

What does freedom mean? “It Blinds” is a first-person, exploration-based game that uncovers the answer within you to this question (and more). Embark on the journey of the innocent and naive “Sanaa” in the dark forest of “Dujaa” to discover the answer. 


Tick Tock

In Riyadh's heart where sunbeams glow,
Inside Reema's room, by the window's side,
A piano stands, a scene quite mellow,
Where plush Bunbun, with eyes so wide,
Noticed time itself had ceased to flow.

The clock stood still, the light did stall,

How might a doll, so small and slight,
Restore the tick and tock of time?
Help Bunbun and the tunes align.
Can you unravel this musical line?
How did Bunbun set the clock to chime?
Join the adventure, let rhythms intertwine!




Sarah was a talented and ambitious individual who had

been working tirelessly in her office for years. However,

deep inside, she carried the weight of society's critiques

and negative words that had been constantly

bombarding her spirit. She founds herself in a mental

world facing monsters, she realized that the monsters

derived their power from her own fears and insecurities.

With each blow she landed, she reclaimed her self-worth.

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